Experience Bici-Techonology* SAB 2015 Sessions now accepting applications!

Credits :BICI-Technology

Credits :BICI-Technology

Location: Guatemala

Deadline : 1st December

The Bici-Tec School of Appropriate Bici-Technology in San Andrés Itzapa, Guatemala is now accepting applications for the first session of training program in 2015, which will run from February 2nd to April 3rd 2015.

Join the Bici-Technology team  to learn how to build bicycle machines and grow the movement of appropriate bici-technology!

Description Of the Program

This program offers training in the design, fabrication and installation of bicycle machines, such as bicycle-powered corn grinders and water pumps. These bicycle machines are an affordable and environmentally sustainable technology that increases rural productivity and furthers rural development.

The economic opportunities offered by bicycle technology can lead to the autonomy and empowerment of rural and indigenous families and communities worldwide.

This is a hands-on learning experience facilitated by Bici-Tec founder Carlos Marroquin, a world leader in pedal-powered technology.

Carlos comes to the program with over fifteen years experience in design, construction and implementation of bici-technology. International and Guatemalan students will study side by side in this hands-on program.

Applications  are now  accepted through December 1st for this exciting program!

NOTE : If you’re interested in attending the Bici-Tec School of Appropriate Bici-Technology at a different time, stay tuned for more information about  their  Summer 2015 session!

For more information and to  how to apply,visit the official Website  or  generally – www.bicitec.org

Follow them  on Facebook at  – www.fb.com/bicitecGT.

For any burning questions, Email the team via  – info@bicitec.org


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