dreambigI was listening to The Big Breakfast on Kiss 100 earlier this year and Caroline Mutoko said something that just struck me as oddly true. I had never given it much thought but when she brought it up, I felt like I was hit by an overspeeding miraa pickup smack in the face. She said that our generation DOESN’T DREAM BIG! (A moment of silence for you to pause and self evaluate.) That when we dream, it’s not something that has an “oh-my-gosh-is-that-even-possible” kind of effect. And it’s sad to say, but I concur. And it’s really hard for me to admit this considering I’m from this go-getter fast-life generation that anything is possible. But is it really? Is anything possible?

If you ask most of your parents about their history, you’ll definitely see a colossal change from where they are today. Most of our parents were raised in shagz!…

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