Call for applications : Be a Software Developer for Free

Are you a promising and determined young woman or man looking to become a software developer? Do you have what it takes to become a world-class developer? If so, consider applying to the Andela Fellowship, a 4-year, paid professional opportunity to learn from and work with some of the world’s leading technology companies.
Successful applicants are invited to participate in a free, two-week-long Boot Camp led by senior developers educated at some of the world’s top engineering schools. Andela Boot Camps are some of the most rigorous training experiences in the world. At the end of each Boot Camp, successful candidates are invited to participate in an extended developer training program which will lead to a job offer as a full-time Andela Fellow within 3 months. During this extended developer training program you will be paid while you receive 1000 hours of training and instruction in full-stack (front-end and back-end) development skills. If you get through this intensive developer training program you will then be admitted into the Andela Fellowship.
The Andela Fellowship is a new kind of academic experience. It’s sort of like a university, except instead of paying tuition, you’re earning an income. We place you on client projects with global technology companies as you continue your training to ensure you are equipped to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

• Boot Camp (2 weeks): This is a free two-week-long training where you will gain valuable programming skills. When it’s over, the highest-performing participants will receive job offers to join Andela full-time as Andela Fellows.
• Immersion Training (3 months): During a three-month-long immersion training program, you will receive a monthly stipend and 1000 hours of training. After three months of training, you’ll be qualified to work on client projects with top technology companies as an Andela Fellow.
• Andela Fellowship: At the end of Immersion Training, employees will be eligible for continued training and employment with Andela over four years as an Andela Fellow. After the four year program, Andela Fellows can be expected to; start technology companies, work directly with client companies as employees or continue to help train more competent software engineers as Andela.

ELIGIBILITY Young person

DEADLINE : 18th January, 2015

To apply and for more information visit here


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