Call For applications: The 2015 Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme

Image Credits: British council

Image Credits: British council

Deadline :57 days

The Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme (TGSS) aims to build capacity in areas where Tullow’s host countries experience significant skills gaps, especially, but not exclusively, around these countries’ oil and gas industries. It is aligned with Tullow’s aim of supporting long-term socio-economic development in countries where it operates.

The Tullow Group Scholarships are vocational, technical and postgraduate scholarships available to individuals in Tullow’s operating countries in Africa and South America, and are managed by British Council.

Scholarships are available to those who are committed to making a contribution to their country’s development. The Scheme gives candidates a chance to receive a high standard of education from locally and internationally recognised institutions, which can then be applied in the scholar’s home country.

The TGSS sponsors candidates from various educational backgrounds through the following programmes:

  • International Postgraduate Scholarships (Masters and Postgraduate diploma)
  • Tullow Technical Training Scholarships
  • Skills and Employability Training

The following are the eligible countries : Kenya, Uganda,Ghana,Ethiopia,Uruguay,Guyana, Ivory Coast ,Suriname

The 2015/2016 applications are now open. To apply,please follow the link in OFFICIAL Website


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