2015 IBM Master the Main Frame Contest For students Across the Middle East and Africa

image Credits : IBM

image Credits : IBM

What you need to know:

In Spring 2015, IBM is running its first Master the Mainframe Contest for students across the Middle East & Africa.

No experience with mainframes is necessary. In fact, the contest is designed for students with little or no mainframe experience, increasing with difficulty as the contest progresses. Students just need to bring drive and competitive spirit and be ready to compete!

Frequently Asked Questions/Answers:

When is the contest?

Registration will be open from March 9th until May 29th! The contest runs from April 1st until May 29th. Students can register and join the contest through May 29th.

Why compete in a Mainframe Contest?

The prizes up for grabs in the 2015 Master the Mainframe Contest include:

Today’s mainframes are growing in popularity and require a new generation of mainframe experts. This contest is designed to equip students with basic skills to make them more competitive for jobs in the enterprise computing industry. Participation in the Master the Mainframe Contest could give you the edge you need.

To help employers connect with the best mainframe students, contestants are encouraged to check out the jobs posted on the System z job board at Systemzjobs.com.

Who can compete?
Anyone is who is currently a student can compete (16 years of age or older) – no experience is necessary! Please click here for the official rules and regulations (PDF, 544KB).

For more information on how to participate please visit the Official Website


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