SpeedUpAfrica Startup Boot-camp

Image Credits : Speed Up Africa

Image Credits : Speed Up Africa

The SpeedUp Africa Startup Boot-camp is the Africa’s most Impactful  Boot-camps.The aim is to transform Africa’s startups to speed-ups.

The boot-camp is focuses on Growth and investment.

The Host University will be the Ashesi University in GHANA From July 6-10,2016.

The full excursion Mode will be : Workshops,Breakout sessions,Q&A ,Mentor sessions ,Fun activities,Investments,connections,Turning Up ,$1 million Dela day  and Lots of surprises.

The idea is to make those 4 days a memorable and defining period in the life of your startup.


Participation is free  but you have to pay for your flight and the Organizers will cover the rest-

  • Airport pick-up,
  • accommodation and Food..


  • Open to African Startups.

Application Process.

Please  Follow  this LINK  to  start Your Application


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