image Credits :Falling Walls

image Credits :Falling Walls

The Falling Walls Lab offers young academics, professionals, and entrepreneurs a high profile platform to showcase their innovative research to a panel of luminaries from the worlds of academia, research, and business.

There’s no one model or discipline that they are  searching for – last year’s London submissions spanned cultural frameworks, education programmes, organic chemistry research and graphic design solutions from bright young students, professionals and PhD researchers.

Variety of Presentations
The impressive variety of applications, spanning diverse industries and different stages of development included:
  • A job-matching platform for blue collar workers
  • A medical software programme to help surgeons treat cardiovascular disease
  • A sustainable soap business
  • A crowdsourcing platform for microloans in developing world
  • An ice storage solution for hot climates
  • A tool to make urban planning accessible to the masses
  • An online learning aid for disabled students

If you want to show your design to the world, don’t hesitate to apply!


Image Credits : Falling Walls


Presentation Format
  • Present your research project, business plan, entrepreneurial or social initiative that is relevant to the world of today – in 3 minutes!
  • Convince a top-class jury with members from academia, research institutions and business.
  • Exchange insights on an interdisciplinary level with fellow researchers and professionals.
  • Get involved in exciting discussions and network with excellent scientists and professionals.
Who Can Apply
Masters students or PhD candidates, young professionals, scientists, or entrepreneurs from all disciplines, under the age of 35, are invited to apply. The Lab is open for participants from all countries. Willing participants will apply their idea and if successful, present at The Falling Walls Lab in London
Global Reach

Falling Walls is a global phenomenon. Last year’s three London winners were joined at the Berlin Finale (usually held on November 9, the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall) by participants from Sao Paulo, Johannesburg, Los Angeles and Moscow to name a few.

In 2014, the participant list continues to grow, expanding to a total of 20 countries and, bringing an ever-increasing diversity of initiatives and inspiration to a larger and larger audience of investors and the public.

Media Exposure
Falling Walls can offer you national and international online, print and broadcast exposure. Last year we were featured in a variety of UK and global press, including The Times, Scientific American and Nature.

Deadline : 66 days Remaining

If you are interested on this opportunity, Visit falling Walls  Official page and get to  apply .