The Ministry of Energy & Petroleum and the University of Nairobi MSc Scholarships


The Kenya Nuclear Electricity Board (on behalf of Ministry of Energy & Petroleum) in collaboration with the University of Nairobi is offering fifteen (15) Master of Science Scholarships to eligible Kenyans to pursue the Master of Nuclear Science offered at the Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology, University of Nairobi.


  • The scholarships are open to holders of at least a Bachelor of Science degree (Upper Second Class Honours) or equivalent in the field of Engineering or Physical Sciences disciplines from a recognised University.
  • In addition, the applicant must have a letter of eligibility of admission for Postgraduate Studies at the University of Nairobi.

Course Details: The course is on fulltime basis and is a two (2) year program.

Application Procedure

Both hard and soft copies of the applications should be forwarded to:

The Director,Institute of Nuclear Science and TechnologyUniversity of NairobiP. O. Box 30197 – 00100,Nairobi, Kenya

Email: and copied to

For details, contact the Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology, University of Nairobi located adjacent to:

Engineering Workshops – off Harry Thuku Road

Tel: 254 (020) 318262 Ext.28483Fax: 254 (020) 245566

The Application Deadline is on or before Tuesday 8th October 2014

Interview With Stacy Wairimu Okoth




She is a First Class Honors holder in Electrical  Engineering,From the University Of Nairobi, Very beautiful and humble! Yes it is beauty and Brains combined  😀 🙂

Besides, academics, she excels in everything she touches like nobody’s business. She has contested in swimming competitions abroad and locally and she has always emerged among the winners! her humility and sharp smile  comes in handy too . Read and learn from her because we are too proud of her !  🙂




Take a stroll with us and learn from this genius!!!!  🙂


1. So who is Stacy in general?

Stacy is a person who is slowly discovering herself and the world that she lives in. She loves to try new things, to adventure, to find joy even in the small things. She is looking for answers to life’s questions and slowly getting them.
We are born with the liberty to do as we please and so what do we choose to do? We can live for ourselves-occupy space, eat, drink and probably just continue the biological evolution of man BUT she wants to do something more. She wants to make a difference. So she tries to do as much as she can, to the best of her ability. She is trying to choose a good way to one day give herself a voice to positively impact the lives of others. She hopes that when her time comes to leave this earth, she will smile and she will know that she did all that she could do. She left a good mark and she touched the lives of others, while enjoying every minute of it.

2. What has your journey been like in Campus, being in a male dominated field?
Firstly, let me say that I did not feel like I was at any disadvantage by being a female. I think I was given an equal opportunity as anyone else in that classroom to succeed. But of course being female, people don’t set the standards so high for you as compared to male students, but I chose to make my own path and define my own boundaries.
My journey has been interesting. I learn’t so much in terms of education and also got invaluable life lessons. Of course there were the usual challenges faced in pursuing a technical course such as learning and understanding abstract concepts and then being able to apply them in exams. When they say engineering is hard, they are not kidding. Especially if you are striving for excellence and not just a pass. But it is definitely doable. Nothing worthwhile comes easy anyway.
3. What three things/people/ROLES have contributed most to your success?
There are a lot of aspects to achieving success. It is not only the capability/potential of the individual that matters, but also the hard work, discipline and passion that they put into it.
In my case, I believe that what helped me attain success in 3 points are as listed below in the order of increasing importance, the last one being the most important:
a. My personal attributes:

such as being self motivated to succeed. People can push you all they want but at the end of the day, what makes the difference is your own personal zeal and will to achieve. To add onto that, discipline, hard work, determination, persistence, resilience and working smart are key to attaining success while pursuing this engineering degree.
b. Secondly, being involved in extra-curricular activities.

In my case, competitive swimming, community service and partying. I know you may be wondering what I mean but let me explain. Every so often, the engineering course has a way of frustrating someone. Sometimes concepts are hard to understand, other times you have about 200 pages to study for an exam and the first page takes you 30 minutes to understand and you’re wondering if you’ll ever finish. Other times you walk in confidently to take a test then things do not go as planned. Sometimes the pressure builds up and if you do not let it out you are either going to break down or your performance will deteriorate. Different people have different ways of releasing stress. What works for me won’t work for someone else. Another important thing to note that indulging too much into these activities could also affect your performance so one must strike a good balance.


Stacy and Her Medals

Stacy and Her Medals



c. Most importantly, an amazing support system.

My family, especially my mother and my true friends believed in me even when I doubted myself and they helped me through the whole process. Towards the end of my course, the backbone of my support system was God. I felt the pressure and nothing else helped. Even talking to my family and friends seemed futile but going to church gave me strength to go through it all and to complete my project.

4. If you knew then what you know now, what would you tell your high school/primary school self always ?
First off I wouldn’t change a thing because I like the way things have turned out so far. However, I would stress the points “Be confident and create your own path. Do not follow the crowd and do not be influenced by negativity. Work with others BUT think as an individual. Have your own beliefs and stick FIRMLY to them”.
5. When things got tough, how did you keep yourself going?
When the going got really tough, I would always pray and go to church. Hearing the word of God always renewed my strength. I would also release stress by involving myself in extracurricular activities. Finally I would work towards a goal- To be somebody great in this lifetime and to do great things. I want to make a difference and to influence people’s lives in a good way. So I am creating a voice to do so, and I want it to be a big voice.
6. What leadership qualities do you most admire and why?
Humility, compassion and service to others. I think it is what makes memorable and impactful leaders. Leaders have power and can use it as they please, but a good leader works to help others genuinely and cares about the people he or she is in charge of.
7. How did you get balance in your life while at campus?
Well as I mentioned in an earlier question, I involved myself in extracurricular activities which I think increased my ability to work under pressure at the same time rejuvenated my system. Never at one point did I not have anything else I was doing apart from school; such as swimming, community service, poetry, learning instruments and so on. However, one thing I have to add is that my books came first. I would participate in several competitions all through my campus life but I never compromised on my education. That was my main priority. If you are an athlete, you have to work extra hard. There should be no excuses of exhaustion or lack of time. Make it work.
8. What “rules” do you live by?

  • Always do good to people and good will come to you
  • Always do your best in any situation no matter how small
  • Don’t expect people to do things for you. Be in control of your life
  • Follow your dream. If somebody else can do it, why can’t you?
  • Work smart always

9. For any lady aspiring for greatness, what things are most critical for them to be aware of?
Work hard, be confident and believe in yourself. Don’t let stereotypic beliefs make you think less of your abilities. Being a lady does not lower your chances of success. There is plenty of time to succeed. Just organize yourself and work hard. You can do it.
10. Why did you choose Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Nothing else?
Well this is an interesting question. Truthfully when I left high school all I knew I wanted to do was something related to physics. Physics excited me and made me see the world in a different light. When I asked the lady who was assisting us in selecting courses (revised selections) she said that engineering deals with physics but there are several fields in engineering. Since I had no clear picture of their differences, I chose the one with the highest cut off points which turned out to be Electrical and information engineering. Lucky choice. Never did I regret my decision.
11. If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you want with you?
A loved one, music and an endless supply of ice cream
12. What is your secret indulgence?
Well if it’s a secret I wouldn’t tell… Anyway, I’ll say watching TV. I occasionally love being a couch potato.
Finally Parting shots : Any other thing that you could like to tell those young people out here who are aspiring to reach greater heights like yourself?
You are in control of your own destiny. Dare to believe. Dare to achieve. Dare to succeed. You can do it.




Stacy Representing Kenya In swimming Competitions at Russia