SpeedUpAfrica Startup Boot-camp

Image Credits : Speed Up Africa

Image Credits : Speed Up Africa

The SpeedUp Africa Startup Boot-camp is the Africa’s most Impactful  Boot-camps.The aim is to transform Africa’s startups to speed-ups.

The boot-camp is focuses on Growth and investment.

The Host University will be the Ashesi University in GHANA From July 6-10,2016.

The full excursion Mode will be : Workshops,Breakout sessions,Q&A ,Mentor sessions ,Fun activities,Investments,connections,Turning Up ,$1 million Dela day  and Lots of surprises.

The idea is to make those 4 days a memorable and defining period in the life of your startup.


Participation is free  but you have to pay for your flight and the Organizers will cover the rest-

  • Airport pick-up,
  • accommodation and Food..


  • Open to African Startups.

Application Process.

Please  Follow  this LINK  to  start Your Application

2016 TWAS-Levono Science Prize for Scientists from Developing Countries (USD 100,000 Prize)

In celebration of its 20th Anniversary, APN, together with the University of Peradeniya, will organise a fully funded two-day South Asia Media Visit in Kandy, Sri Lanka. The media visit is designed to engage media in expanding efforts to raise awareness about, and disseminate information on and lessons learned from, APN funded projects on global change and sustainability issues.

The South Asia Media Visit is open to Journalists/Media workers/Broadcasters working for media based in an APN Member/Approved Country in South Asia (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka). A total of seven media representatives will be invited to join the media visit and develop news/feature stories/broadcasts about the projects.

Lenovo is a USD 38.7-billion personal technology company, and the largest PC company in the world, serving customers in more than 160 countries. Dedicated to building exceptionally engineered PCs and mobile internet devices, Lenovo’s business is built on product innovation, a highly efficient global supply chain and strong strategic execution.


  • The TWAS-Lenovo Science Prize will carry a monetary award of USD100,000 provided by Lenovo, as well as a medal and a certificate highlighting the recipient’s major contributions to science. The prize will be presented to the recipient at a special ceremony arranged by TWAS.


  • Candidates must be nationals of a developing country and must have lived and worked in a developing country for the last 10 years.
  • The prizes will only be awarded to individuals for scientific research of outstanding international merit carried out at institutions in developing countries.
  • Individuals who have received the Nobel Prize, the Tokyo/Kyoto Prize, the Crafoord Prize or the Abel Prize are not eligible for the TWAS-Lenovo Science Prize. Jury members
  • Previous winners of the Trieste Science Prize (also administered by TWAS) will not be eligible for the TWAS-Lenovo Science Prize.

Deadline: May 16, 2016

To apply and for more information visit here

Scholarships for African graduate students – MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at Michigan State University

Photo Credits " Internet sources

Photo Credits ” Internet sources

Graduate Student Eligibility and Selection Criteria

The program is open to residents and citizens of Sub-Saharan African countries. Students must be first-time applicants to MSU. Transfer students are not eligible for the program.

  • Prior completion of a Bachelors Degree from an African University with academic achievements suggesting continued academic success as a graduate student.
  • Strong commitment to a professional path in line with an area of study that can positively impact Africa.
  • An interest in and capacity for give-back, evidenced by commitment and engagement on campus, in professional pursuits and/or community.
  • Manifest ethical behavior and strong character essential to joining The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Network.
  • Ability to deal with change, uncertainty, and adversity, as well as interest in other countries and cultures, necessary to succeed as a student overseas and represent one’s home country
  • Significant financial need and/or from lowest income bracket in country of origin
  • Commitment to return to Africa and give back in ways that enhance the economic growth and social development of Africa.

For more information on how to apply and forms to download. Please follow these LINK.


All the best to the applicants

TechChange Summer Fellowship 2016 Code for Social Good ($2,000 monthly stipend)

TechChange is excited to announce a summer fellowship programme for recent graduates and rising college juniors and seniors. The fellowship will provide practical training in web development as well as unique exposure to range of applications and organization using technology to tackle a variety of global challenges.


  • Training in javascript, Node.js, PHP, React, Flux, Backbone.js, Database management, and more
  • One –on –one mentorship with TechChange staff
  • Field trips to organization working in technology and social change change
  • A $2,000 monthly stipends for 3 months
  • A round trip pane to DC from a location within the US
  • An event series on a range of topics related to technology and social
  • Support with job placement at the conclusion of the fellowship


  • Be a current junior, senior, or a recent graduate
  • Have at least one year of experience in computer science and web development
  • Possess an interest in international relations, international development, humanitarian work, social good
  • Be self-starting and willing to have a little fun

Deadline: February 15, 2016

To apply and for more information visit here

Singtel/ Airtel Accelerator Challenge

Singtel/ Airtel Accelerator Challenge
Image Credits : Singtel

Image Credits : Singtel


  • 2 local winners from Africa will participate in the Startup Mentorship Program in October in Singapore.
  • All finalists will pitch their apps at the Grand Final in November (country venue to be decided).
  • 1 final winner will be selected and announced at the Grand Final in Nov.
Important Deadlines:

All submissions should be in by September 5, 2015
Country-level Winner will be announced on September 15, 2015
Airtel Africa Winner will be announced on September 30, 2015
Singtel Group-Samsung Regional winner will be announced in December, 2015
Criteria for Apps:

All submissions should be consumer-centric mobile apps or solutions that leverage on mobile network services to deliver value, e.g. mobile data, carrier billing, location, SMS, etc.
Example of the desired types of apps:

  • Lifestyle – help the individuals in their everyday life. It’s about social, fun, and productivity.
  • On-demand Economy – connect the supply and demand; allowing a consumer to buy anything from goods to services
  • Health– Enable healthy living by providing easy access to health related resources and tools.
  • Smart Living – communicate with surrounding appliances and devices to enhance living.
  • Apps must be 80%-90% ready for deployment and should not have been launched yet.
Criteria for Participants:

  • Participant must be individuals residing or companies registered in the country where the local competition is being held.
  • Participants must provide a live demonstration of their app during the pitch session for the grand finale.

For more Information, please visit the official Page on this Link to apply

10 Steps: How to Apply for Scholarships for international students

This Article was originally posted at the After school Africa website. All credit therefore goes to them


It’s been established that organizations, governments and universities around the world award scholarships worth millions of dollars to African students to study for undergraduate, masters and PhD every year. With AfterschoolAfrica.com scholarship database, finding a scholarship is easier than ever. It’s “Search; and ye shall find”.

The next stage of the awareness is for students who need these scholarships to understand how to apply and take advantage of these opportunities.

In this article, you’ll learn the general guideline to apply for scholarships – especially international scholarships.

– See more at: http://www.afterschoolafrica.com/10204/apply-for-scholarships/#sthash.kqIM4eBQ.dpuf


  1. Start Early

As a student looking to study outside your country, your first step is to consider which country or region you want to study. Do you want to study in UK, USA, Asia or Australia? At least 18 months before you intend to gain admission, focus your scholarship research on the country or region where you want to study. That way you’ll have enough time to gather required documents.

  1. Look within your country.

A number of scholarships originate locally. There are government and company scholarships for citizens to study abroad. Ask and find out about them from your friends and colleagues. Emmanuel learnt about PTDF scholarship – Nigeria – from a colleague at his work place. He ended up winning a scholarship to study for Masters at University of Manchester UK.

  1. Get your test scores and required documents ready

It’s common for international scholarship programs to require that students meet certain test score; TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GMAT or GRE. For some scholarship programs, if you don’t have the required test result, you will not be eligible to apply. Register and take the required test and get your score ready. Start gathering other required documents – transcript, certificates, identification letters – ready.

  1. Ask – Am I eligible for a scholarship

It is important to note that there are no general rules to be eligible for scholarships. Each scholarship program has its unique application requirements. Some scholarships require students to have a certain TOEFL or IELTS score; that you are from a certain country; that you have a certain Grade Point Average. Once you identify a scholarship program, read through the guidelines to see if you are eligible to apply.

  1. Be in the process of admission

Most scholarship providers require that candidates must have admission or be in the admission process to be considered for scholarship. In such case, your scholarship application will not be considered if you have not been offered a conditional or unconditional admission at a university. Some scholarships however require that you apply for admission and scholarship at the same time. The point is that, in most cases, you cannot be awarded a scholarship before an admission.

  1. Know what scholarship sponsors want and give it to them

A scholarship application often contains the selection criteria, but you should go deeper. Research the scholarship sponsor on the web. Look for the organization’s mission statement, which you’ll often find in the “About Us” section of its website. Strive to know what they are looking for in a scholarship awardee. Position yourself within that ideal.

  1. Apply to every eligible scholarship.

Believe it or not, many scholarships go unawarded each year.

“…But we had no eligible applicants. The same thing happened with some engineering scholarships–we failed to award all we had to offer for lack of applicants,” said Mary Ann Eiff Co-Chair scholarship committee for Women in Aviation.

Don’t ignore the small funds. Some scholarships worth $1,000 or less may be less competitive, which could give you more advantage.

  1. Write winning essay if required

Applying for scholarships that require submitting an essay can increase your chance of success if you put in the effort to write a winning easy. Let your passion resonate with the scholarship committee members. Be personal. Reveal who you are and why you deserve a scholarship more than everyone else. Don’t sound pitiful. Instead emphasize on how you solved a problem or overcame adversity in your life. And how you believe you can do even more if given a scholarship.

  1. Follow Guidelines and attend to details

Most professions require attention to details. Scholarship providers take this seriously when considering the right applicant for a scholarship award. How you prepare your application speaks loudly about how detail-oriented you are. Think about it. Who will want to assist an aspiring medical doctor achieve his dream when he/she cannot follow simple instructions? You may be surprised to hear that a large number of scholarship applications do not adhere to the application guidelines. Stand out. Go the extra miles to provide all required documents, including recommendation letters. Submit a meticulously completed application.

  1. Search for and contact past scholarship winners

A number of scholarship sponsors publish the names and press releases of winners. Find a way to reach the winners. You can search on social media. Contact them for questions and advice. You never know what you can learn from their experience.

  1. Submit your application early

Some scholarship programs just require you to complete an application form online or offline. Others require specially written piece of work. However, just make sure you submit your application and required documents before the deadline.